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A limited podcast series about digital sustainability and WordPress
created by Nahuai Badiola


Nahuai Badiola

Nahuai Badiola – Host

I’m a freelance WordPress developer, theme and plugin creator and WordPress Sustainability Team Rep.

This podcast is a project developed during the Green Web Foundation fellowship 2023.


Amazing people that shared their experience and opinions

  • Tom Greenwood

    Tom Greenwood

  • Julia Golomb

    Julia Golomb

  • tim frick

    Tim Frick

  • thijs-buijs

    Thijs Buijs

  • Csaba Varszegi

    Csaba Varszegi

  • Juan Hernando

    Juan Hernando

  • Adam Silverstein

    Adam Silverstein

  • Birgit Olzem

    Birgit Olzem

  • Hari Shanker

    Hari Shanker

  • nora ferreirós

    Nora Feirrerós

  • Richard Littauer

    Richard Littauer

  • hannah Smith

    Hannah Smith

  • Courtney Robertson

    Courtney Robertson